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Certified Professional Home Inspections


Sheridan Home Inspections is certified through InerNACHI, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  Our goal is to help you to make a confident decision in the purchase of your new home and enjoy all of the benefits of home ownership.  We are not a one and done inspection provider, we provide continued support after the inspection with informational news letters and postings on our website of key points of interest and seasonal maintenance advice.  Click the "contact us" tab or call Sheridan Home Inspections to schedule your home inspection.

We Notice the Little Things


We chose the name Sheridan because of its Gaelic meaning "the seeker".  We look at the big picture and drill down to the components and factors that affect the overeall condition of the home.  Our commitment to continuing education keeps us at the cutting edge of new inspection developments, tools,  and procedures. While no home is perfect, it is our goal to educate you on the general condition of the home at the time of the inspection.  Much like  going to the doctor and having a physical checkup.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


Purchasing a home can be one of the most significant investments a person can make in their lifetime.  Our mission is to help you enter into this investment with confidence.  Our home inspection will provide you with the knowledge of the properties condition to allow you to make an educated decision about your purchase.

Our Services

Standard Home Inspection Service


A Standard Home Inspection consists of an inspection of the 8 primary components of the home:

Roof, Exterior, Foundation, Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, and Interior.

The primary list is broad in scope with many other systems being inspected as part of the service which include:

Grounds, Windows and Doors, Gargage Doors, Fireplaces, Insulation, and attics to name a few.

Sheridan Home Inspections inspects it all. 


Annual Inspection Services


If your not a DIY guy or gal, but want "piece of mind" as to the current condition of your home scheduling an annual home inspection is the ideal solution.

Even if you are the DIY type we can help point out areas that require attention to prevent minor or cosmetic deficiencies

 from turning into costly major defects.  

These inspections follow the same process and procedure as a standard home inspection to provide you with the current condition of your home.

Again, it is much like having an annual physical exam. 

Home Maintenance


  Fall Maintenance Checklist:

  1. Clean debris from gutters and downspout to prevent ice dams.
  2. Prepare all powered equipment for winter by running out of fuel.
  3. Test your emergency generator for proper operation.
  4. Protect pipes from potential freeze conditions.
  5. Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home.
  6. Close the shut off valves to outdoor fixtures (if equipped).
  7. Remove bird nests from gutters, chimney, and electrical fixtures.
  8. Check doors and windows for leaks and caulk as required.
  9. Change furnace filter and mark on calendar to change monthly.
  10. Have an HVAC professional inspect, maintain, and prepare your heating system.

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